About us

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We are an ordinary group of people (Romans 3:23) who have had their eyes opened to the truth that Jesus Christ is alive and if it was not for Him we would be separated from Him always (Titus 3:5)

We live this out unapologetically continually allowing Him to shape us and mold us. We believe He is alive and is speaking today, not only from the Bible but by His Holy Spirit whom He left for us when He ascended to be with His Father. (John 14:26)

Our Passion

We delight in our God as we are aware that we were created by Him for His express delight! All that we do is out of gratitude that we are now restored to Him where we were once separated! That He fulfilled the law in Himself where we could not! We are aware that things are not perfect in the world but do not hold our God accountable for our ungodliness!

We encourage each other each day in the remembrance that He gave us something perfect and when we failed in that, He provided us His son as ransom for our own short fall! We do not know of another God who is as loving as this and it is Him who is at the very center of who we are and whom we delight in!

From the Eldership.

To the world that does not know Him, we have no judgment or criticism for we have been saved by grace and have nothing to boast in but that He saved us and our continued desire is only that all might experience this great love that we have now in Christ Jesus!

We look forward to meeting all who come through our doors!